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" Over 40-Year- Experience in Printing "
          PHOLPATTANA PRINTING LTD.,PART is an established printing business, able to meet all types of printing needs. We are your One-Stop-Print
Shop utilising "Offset","Digital-Offset", "Inkjet", and "Silk Screen" printing systems. We are able to accommodate orders from personal print jobs, small and
medium sized businesses, to government and enterprise level clients. Our clients range from local to international,from Thailand,Japan,Hong Kong,and Australia. Our in-house Graphic Designer,Packaging,and Marketing Consultants are eager to help assess and provide advice on your printing needs. Having won more than 20 awards locally and internationally, our in-house team is driven to provide friendly and excellent service. Combined with the latest printing technology, we can guarantee our customers with the best quality, cost effective and fast turnaround print solutions.
- printing services including packaging boxes and bags, with plastic, and any other types of printed products
- graphic design services for packaging, marketing media, advertising products, brand redesign
- marketing materials, expo booth decorations, brochures, event photography and photo retouch - brand and marketing consulting services
- award winning graphic team (20 awards locally and overseas)   - design and quality control by graphic designer with Japanese marketing agency experience
- best quality, cost efficient and fast turnaround   - production and quality control at national standard
- with the latest in print technology, our friendly and experienced staff are eager to work with businesses of all sizes
- we are trusted by well-known enterprise level companies in Thailand and overseas