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" Packaging Solutions & Product Marketing Specialists. Experience and Quality at Every Step. "
For fast turnaround, please provide us with your product details (types of product, quantity, budget), a contact name, and contact number/email. Our team will be in touch with the next steps. / Can contact in English and Japanese

Contact our Sales Department : Miss Sujirut (Joy) (+66)81 439 6255 Should you wish to learn more about our quality packaging materials, our product & packaging design process, or products we produce.

Contact our Design Department : Mr. Prapreut (Bank) (+66)81 612 6252 / Can contact in Japanese To discuss your product/packaging design or any of our other marketing services. For your convenience, we are happy to meet you at your offices. We guarantee that you will enjoy increased sales from our DMB (Design, Marketing, Branding) system to enable your product stand out while maintaining cost effectiveness. 

Contact via email ppn.printing@gmail.com / prapreut.ppn@gmail.com :
- Time of processing and delivery within 3-7 days   - we can perform before and after sales marketing consulting
- we keep you updated of our progress at every step   - we help to improve products to increase sales